One Welfare

Veterinarians should be “leading advocates for the welfare of all animals, recognising the key contribution that animals make to human society through food production, companionship, biomedical research and education” (Recommendation of the World Organisation for Animal Health, May 2012).

To empower future veterinarians to become leaders in animal welfare, all the veterinary schools in Australia and New Zealand have come together to develop the resources on this One Welfare portal.

The grounding ideals of One Welfare will help veterinarians foster not only animal welfare, but human and societal well being.*

We hope the resources on this portal will engage and challenge you, and help scaffold your professional development, enhancing your study of animal welfare and ethics.


* Tristan J. Colonius, DVM; Rosemary W. Earley, DVM. (2013) One welfare: a call to develop a broader framework of thought and action. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 242:3, 309-310.