Scenarios are widely recognized as a pedagogically valuable tool – they provide a realistic, safe and supported environment for testing and applying key concepts and ideas. They are also known to enhance knowledge retention and to aid in the development of practical skills.

For each of the eight themes we have created scenarios with an ethical or welfare focus, inviting students to consider the challenges associated with situations they may encounter in veterinary practice. Students then have the opportunity to reflect on and work through these scenarios and the challenges they generate, either individually or with their fellow students.

Each scenario starts with an overview, outlining key information and indicating which RCVS competencies are being explored in the case. Scenarios also include links to background material and other resources such as videos, and involve interactive tasks intended to develop the ethical, welfare and communication skills of students. In addition to exercises which provide model answers along the way, each scenario has a suggested assessment task, with relevant assessment criteria and rubrics available to lecturers and tutors in the teacher resources tab.

Convenience Euthanasia*

Live export – Cattle*

Live export – Dairy Heifers*

Live export – Sheep*

Chicken Meat Farming*

RSPCA Volunteers

Use of Animals in a Local Health District

The welfare of unknown animals

A Kiwi in trouble

Orphan ring tail possum

Rescued penguin

Sick sea lion pups

Aquaculture and fish welfare

Aquaculture and fish welfare regarding slaughter

Husbandry and environmental enrichment*

Killing fish

Orcas in captivity*

Breeding Management in Zoos

Cockfighting in Bali

Endurance racing

Orcas in captivity*



Successful working dogs

Governance of animal research

The polarized debate about animal research

Pound dogs for research

Rehoming research animals

Rodents and humane endpoints

Chicken Meat Farming*

Dairy cow herd

Environmental impacts of animal agriculture

Live export – Cattle*

Live export – Dairy Heifers*

Live export – Sheep*

Livestock welfare at a major Australian saleyard

Pig Welfare

Dogs on Utes

Animal Hoarding

Brachycephalic Dog

Convenience Euthanasia*

Dermatophytosis in a Shelter

Desexing and Cosmetic Surgery

Husbandry and environmental enrichment*

An overweight cat

Puppy Breeding

Reporting cruelty by neglect

* Indicates scenario sits under multiple themes.